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  Time series for Alcoholic Beverages - SPECIAL INDEX FOR USE IN NSO -Manu incl duty


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December 2013
Seasonal Adjustment
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Producer Price Indices (PPIs) are a series of economic indicators that measure the price movement of goods bought and sold by UK manufacturers. It is a base weighted index working on the basket of goods concept. A wide range of representative products are selected and the prices of these goods collected each month. The movement in these prices are weighted to reflect the relative importance of the products in a chosen year (known as the base year) currently 2010. These are then aggregated for various sectors of industry to provide the published indices.



All of the data included in this dataset is published on a 2010=100 basis.

A comprehensive selection of data on input and output indices. Contains producer price indices of materials and fuels purchased and output of manufacturing industry by broad sector.

Indices for the latest two months are provisional due to the level of imputation present for items where the latest prices are not available. The latest five months are subject to revisions in light of (a) late and revised contributor data and (b) revisions to seasonal adjustment factors which are re-estimated every month.


How do I use this data and where does it come from?

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19 February 2014 (latest)

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19 March 2014
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19 January 2014
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Quality and Methodology Information (QMI (95.6kb PDF))

Impact of Rebasing the Producer Price Index to 2010=100