Sprint 0 (Inception)

Sprint 1

9 November to 16 November

Things we learnt:

  • “Customise this dataset” performed better than "review topics"
  • Users need meta data earlier in the process
  • Not all users are familier with all file types

Sprint 2

16 November to 23 November

Things we learnt:

  • Wording and labels are really important
  • Users need supporting information for context
  • ZIP folders can cause problems

Sprint 3

23 November to 7 December

Things we learnt:

  • Geography is hard
  • Nested lists are probably the most complex pattern to solve
  • Users want to "search first"

Sprint 4

7 December to 21 December

Things we learnt:

  • Some users really like our old websites
  • Generating custom data downloads might take a long time
  • Analytics suggests people search by city
  • Recruiting users for research is hard

Sprint 5

5 January to 18 January

Things we learnt:

  • We should respond to the user within one second
  • “Users find some spreadsheets difficult to navigate” – contact centre
  • Some users expect locations to be ordered alphabetically
  • Nobody knows what special aggregate means

Sprint 6

18 January to 1 February

Things we learnt:

  • Users find 14px font size too small
  • Users expect Cancel button to take them back to the start
  • “I like to know what [geographic] levels are available on the dataset page”
  • Users expect to be shown their previous selections first when updating a customisation
  • Research suggests a unified pattern for nested lists and geographic hierarchies will work

Sprint 7

1 February to 14 February

Things we learnt:

Sprint 8

15 February to 28 February

Things we learnt:

  • Each dataset file presents its own challenges
  • Path to customisation process is not clear
  • “Customise” sounds like hard work to users
  • Users need metadata on the date selector pattern
  • CSV download: “Headings are meaningless”
  • CSV download: “What does observation mean?”
  • CSV download: we need to test with Excel next time

Sprint 9

1 March to 14 March

Things we learnt:

  • Users are attracted to big green buttons
  • Research shows "filter" is a better word than "customise"

Sprint 10 – Last full sprint :(

15 March to 28 March

Things we learnt:

  • Users are still confused by the download screen
  • Users expect the download file to have better formatting
  • Button labels need to be descriptive, "next" isn't clear enough
  • Users prefer continual confirmation of thier selections


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