This page shares information for people using this website and for countries wishing to take a copy of it.

Using this website

Answers to some specific questions about the website are included in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

View this presentation on the site’s main features (.ppsx file 6.45Mb).

Creating a copy of this website

This UK SDG data site has been built using Open SDG, an SDG reporting platform developed through ONS collaboration with the US government and the Center for Open Data Enterprise.

Open SDG is built exclusively with open-source libraries and tools and can be hosted and maintained using free services. It can be modified to fit a variety of user needs, and comes with many customizable tools and features.

Other countries or organisations wishing to reuse the Open SDG reporting platform are welcome to do so for free. The Open SDG Quick Start guide gives technical instructions on the quickest way to get a copy of the Open SDG platform up and running.

We hope this documentation is helpful for getting your Open SDG project started. Please contact the Open SDG GitHub if you have comments, feedback, or want to get involved with the Open SDG community.