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This Occupation Code Search Tool has been developed to assist users to code occupation titles. It matches inserted text against the Standard Occupational Classification 2010 (SOC2010) Volume 2 coding index. If you would like to use the version of this tool designed for mobile phones, please click here.

If a match cannot be found it is either because the search term is uniquely stylised and not suitable for a coding index, or it is a new or emerging occupation title. If you search for a occupation title that you consider appropriate for inclusion in the index, please contact the Occupation and Social Classification Helpdesk with your proposal.

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, please type your occupation title into the box below.

When the search is complete, the results presented are an aid to help you select the code you deem appropriate. Please click on the result links to confirm if a code is appropriate, and to find your related NS-SEC code.

If the Coding Tool does not provide an appropriate result, it might be beneficial to amend your search term and try searching again, or the Occupational Classification Hierarchy may assist in determining the correct code.

Note: The search facility does not allow punctuation or symbols, and the search time is dependent on the speed of your computer and the number of words searched for.

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